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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Water Repellent Home Textile Collection?

  • Are you uncertain if your Outdoor Collection can or cannot withstand stains, spillages, and the erratic weather?
  • Does this uncertainty often hamper your Outdoor Collection Sales?
  • Have you ever accounted for the “Falsely labeled water resistant fabrics” that affected your margins?


There is a huge demand for Utility fabrics for indoor and outdoor usages. The need for special treatments on fabrics and made-ups for indoor and outdoor textiles are on a rise due to the demand for the flexibility of usage of pillows, table covers and other outdoor products.   

Sava’s “Indoor & Outdoor Collection with Water resistant technique’’ makes the fabric impossible to absorb water without affecting the strength, flexibility and softness of the fabrics.

  1. Outdoor Pillows

 A soft brush and mild soapy water are all you need to keep your waterproof cushions looking good as new.

  1. Chair Cushions

Your patio furniture is always ready to use, no matter how rough the weather is. Made of water repellent coating to repel light rainfall. You no longer need to worry about it outside anymore.

  1. Garden Mattress

Why not get matching seat pads? Choose from a range of colors to find the right one for your outdoor space.  

  1. For Picnic Blankets

For the Beach, park, hiking or camping, along with the right drinks, snacks, and company, the one thing a proper picnic requires is a Picnic Blanket

Have you wondered if a blanket can be on dual duty? This waterproof blanket along with sand resistant properties will be a no-fail choice.

  1. Table Linen 

The  anti-fungal coating and waterproof lining on the fabric are brilliant for alfresco dining. Barbecue at home, anyone? 

  1. Table Runner

From light and breezy linen options that go with any decor, to contemporary vinyl runners in metallic hues, choose the best table runners for any aesthetic.  

We’ve tested it with red wine, coffee and even pure bleach for you!

  1. Apron 

 Waterproof apron can protect clothing from dirt and liquids, antifouling, and is easy to clean and dry. With a wide range to choose from, you can find a good apron to suit your budget!

If you would like to add these finishes to your products to upsell or cross-sell or to get a free swatch of either of these, please get in touch with us at or call us at +91-9958964700.