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Stringent 6 Quality Assurance

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Stringent 6 Quality Assurance

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  1. Sampling Material and Accessories:
    A stringent quality system should ensure firstly on whats is being produced right at the sampling stage. And at teh sampling stage come the raw materials, accessories and trims that are being used. At Sava, our Quality Assurance starts from this stage itself – ensuring not the only the sample being produced is being made in right quality but also to ensure that it is production feasible at the later stage. What’s the point of using the raw material that is not production feasible?
  2. Ready product Samples for our Customers:
    All samples that are handmade are quality checked using a robust quality checklist before its being sent to our customers. Acceptable quality parameters are identified at this stage itself and recommended wash cares are proposed right this stage. All this to ensure gaps at a later stage. We want our customers to know in advance the washing instruction and at the same time, we to be overwhelmed seeing a CAD coming into a reality for teh first time!
  3. Production Stage I: The Purchase Stage: All raw materials purchased are physically and chemically tested before moving it forward to the second stage of production, that is, processing of fabrics like dyeing, the printing of fabrics or embroideries. This not only helps us to get it right the first time but most importantly saves crucial production time that gets saved by taking steps back once the fabrics are processed.

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  1. Production Stage II: The Processing Stage: All fabrics, accessories and trims that are received back from our suppliers and vendors like dyers, printers and are again physically and chemically quality checked to ensure the right colour matching, fittings, fastness and usability of the fabrics.
  2. Production Stage III: The Product Stage: The fifth stage involves physical quality check while the products are being made (during production) and not waiting or the stage once the products are indeed stitched. This helps us to ensure the sizes, fits, dimension and right accessories are stitched in the right manner giving life to our beautiful products.
  3. Dispatch Stage: Finally, before we ship any product a Final Quality check is done not only on the product, physically but also chemically, that is we wash and test the “Appearance After Wash” or dry clean or as per the washing care instruction; like any other consumer would do once they buy the product from our customer’s stores. In addition, cartons, packaging and safety of our products are also quality checked before the goods are handed over by us to our customer’s nominated agents for shipping.

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